Monday, August 10, 2009

Bitch Salad is back tomorrow!!!

Our favorite night of comedy is returning with Bitch Salad!
Here's the always amusing press release:

Life's a beach! Slather on the sunscreen, because BITCH SALAD is BACK! Fresh off the heels of the most epic night of comedy the world was ever blessed with-AKA-our June charity gala "Bitch Salad Gives Back", we're back with a sizzling comedy spectacular that will surely boost the temperature well above the median 18 degrees celsius that it's been so far (for real - what is up with this weather?!)...
And how are we going to do that? With an absolutely SCORCHING lineup including:
Perennial Salad fave SARA HENNESSEY!!!
Legendary lady of laughter LAURIE ELLIOT!!!
The lonnng overdue return of jolly jokemeister JILLIAN THOMAS!!!
The even lonnnger overdue premiere appearance by kooky karacter komedian KATHLEEN PHILLIPS!!!
and the welcome return of superstar/super-fox TREVOR BORIS!!!
And as per usually, featuring news corres-PUN-dant HEIDI BRANDER (I hear she's got a new theme song...) and limey character comedienne KIRSTEN GALLAGHER!!!

And as per always, it's hosted by newly minted Canadian Comedy Award nominee (that's right, bitches) ANDREW JOHNSTON!!!

WHEN - Tuesday, August 11th. I've already checked, and you're not doing anything. So come!WHERE - The downright chillingly air-conditioned confines of Buddies In Bad Times Theatre (12 Alexander St... betwixt College & Wellesley on Yonge)
WHAT TIME - Doors at 8, Show at 8:30. Get there early, lest ye stand.
HOW MUCH - 10 dollars that you'd waste on seeing "Bruno". Tickets available in person at the door.