Monday, August 30, 2010

Everyone is rooting for Dancap

The Globe and Mail is certainly rooting for them. This marks the third or fourth article about Dancap in as many weeks. Even Richard, over at The Star, is filling his pages with Dancap news. Granted the latest news from Dancap is not entirely positive. Recent layoffs and no announcement as of yet about the 2011 season is worrying.

Despite setbacks, Dancap are still getting lots of press for South Pacific, which opened August 12th and runs till September 5th. The reviews for South Pacific have been glowing. And The Star is in love with Jason Howard, who plays the charismatic lead, Emile de Becque.

Mr. Howard, actually lives here in Toronto. He works in opera, primarily elsewhere, which is unfortunate. But, in my opinion that is a big boon for this productions, and DanCap. Ticket sales have been "solid" according to both The Star and The G&M. Last fall I saw the Tony Award winning production at Lincoln Centre. It was magical and difficult to reproduce on the road. But audiences and critics here are loving the tour. EAP's own Justin Haley is going to see it this week, so we are all eager to hear what he thinks.

I am glad that Aubrey Dan has found a way to keep Dancap downtown, at least for the summer. I think South Pacific and Miss Saigon were solid choices for the summer series at the Four Season Centre. Both shows are the right scale for that house. It is an opera house, lest we forget. So any musical that goes in there must have enough weight to soar to the fifth circle. Getting a contract for the next four years with the Fours Season Centre was a smart, safe move. Ensuring Dancap will stay relevant downtown and in a house that should carry big budget crowd pleasers. Otherwise known as money makers. It isn't the right theatre venue for a lot of the more contemporary musical theatre out there, which is a shame. But if Dan can continue to put solid blockbuster musicals up there it will definitely keep Dancap viable. What about a run of Ragtime or Sunday in Park with George for 2011?

On another note, it really is a shame that Dancap didn't win out against Mirvish for access rights to the Yonge Street houses. Don't get me wrong I am a Mirvish fan and respect their clout in the city. But isn't there room for Dancap and some healthy competition? Of course I don't know any of the details related to the legal squabbles over the Canon and Panasonic Theatres, but it still seems a shame to me.

Aubrey doesn't appear to be going anywhere though, admitting to a "few setbacks" but generally remaining optimistic, and assuring everyone that there will be a subscription series for 2011. And I agree with his and the Globe's assessment that, "Dancap’s presence as a 'proven entity' has forced competitors to raise the bar, benefiting Toronto’s theatregoers."

Mirvish responded in typical Don Drapper style regarding Dancap's impact on their business saying, “we haven’t raised or lowered our game in any measurable way.”

As for Aubrey Dan and Dancap - keep it up! Everyone is rooting for you.

image courtesy of The Globe and Mail

The Emmy's Opener

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Do you know about Wyatt Earp?

This show has been a round for a little while. I believe it was originally produced at the Hartt School. I hear there are a few companies around North America who want to produce runs of I Married Wyatt Earp, which is great news. It is an all female cast of five, with fantastic music and an epic story. I could see the Caravan doing something like this. You can find more of the music on YouTube. Joe has promised me that he will try and get as much of the music to me this fall. Getting new music is the big goal for the next couple months. I have been hearing a lot of great new stuff and would love to pass it along to as many singers as possible.

EAP is also thinking that there may be an opportunity to facilitate something similar to the performance series that NYTB has been doing for a while. Is anyone doing writers workshops here in Toronto? And if not are there enough eager writers of musical theatre here to really support one? It would be a great way for writers, producers and performers to work creatively together. Finding the right space would also be a challenge.

Substitute Dreams

Had a catch up conversation with our friends at New York Theatre Barn about what they are up to... click the header to get more on NYTB and Substitute Dreams.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Shaw Festival in the Times

Click the header to read the flattering article the New York Times did on the Shaw Festival. It is always nice to be included in the paper of record.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Homegrown Controversy Timeline

The Torontoist did a great job during the SummerWorks festival of covering the controversy surrounding Homegrown. EAP followed the story closely and even wrote about the issue here. Now that SummerWorks is over we here at EAP are glad to see that the Torontoist hasn't let the story die. Today they published a follow up to the controversy. Check out the article here. Because of all the attention surrounding the show I heard it did very well at the box office, which is great news. And just reinforces the adage that no press is bad press.

image courtesy of SummerWorks and the Torontoist

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art School Article in the NY Times

Check out the interesting article about getting into college theatre programs today in the New York Times. Click here to read the article.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Homegrown - Controversy continues

The Torontoist is reporting about the backlash for Homegrown one of the plays being performed at this years SummerWorks. Homegrown tells the story of one of the infamous 18 who was arrested several summers ago in Toronto for an alleged terrorist plot. Everyone has been commenting on it from the Torontoist all the way up to the Globe and Mail. We haven't seen the show but if you have please feel free to drop us a line and tell us what you think. And click here for the link to the Torontoist article.

Ride the Cyclone at SummerWorks

EAP has been hearing a lot about this new musical at SummerWorks. J. Kelly over at The Globe and Mail thinks it is the most exciting thing to happen to Canadian musical theatre since The Drowsy Chaperone, and that is saying something. Click the header to read Nestruck's article and click here to get more information about shows at SummerWorks. And be sure to drop us a line if you have seen anything worth mentioning. We are going to try and get out to some stuff this weekend. Tonight you will find us in Trinity Bellwoods Park for The Witch of Edmonton.

image from The Globe and Mail

Sunday, August 8, 2010

[TITLE OF SHOW] coming to Toronto!

I was just online checking out the website for one of my favourite shows of all time - [Title of Show] and lo and behold I discovered that there is a production of it coming to Toronto!!!

I saw this show in New York a few years ago and fell in love with it. It was moving, funny (read: it was hilarious), it had heart, a great message, a wonderful cast and a score that really highlighted the shows overall charm. I urge all real theatre fans to check out this show and see for yourself just how powerful the piece really is. It is definitely a show for theatre buffs!

Click the header to get tickets from ticketmaster. It is playing up at the Young Centre in their studio space and is being presented by Angelwalk Theatre Company!

About Angelwalk:
" Angelwalk Theatre is a brand-new not-for-profit professional theatre company dedicated to producing artistically exciting theatrical works, with a special focus on musical theatre. The company is committed to providing opportunities for both emerging and established Canadian theatre professionals. Angelwalk Theatre will be residing in the Studio Theatre at the Toronto Centre for the Arts starting this fall and will present two shows annually. "

I say, Angelwalk sounds EXCELLENT!

(Pic is of Susan Blackwell from the Broadway cast of [Title of Show].