Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review: Agwa/Correria

Compagnie Kafig made its triumphant return to the Harbourfront Centre  last night, at the opening of Agwa/Correria.  The high energy show featured two pieces by acclaimed hip hop choreographer and creative visionary Mourad Merzouki. It was a brilliant melding of Brazilian and French with street styles of dance. Correria, presented in the first act, means raid or foray in Portuguese and featured high energy and agressive battles and electrifying group choreography.  While the second act's Agwa,  meaning water was decidedly more graceful and elegant.  Both pieces played to the dancers' strengths.  Strong, athletic, men with washboard abs and cheeky grins, seamlessly moved from hilarity to intensity.

Although Agwa/Correria might not be the most sophisticated and cohesive dance, or even hip hop show, ever, it is certainly entertaining.  With creative choreography, athleticism and high energy these guys will engage and impress even the less interested audience member.  You can't help but watch engrossed by the sheer physicality and grace of movement.

The second act's Agwa  was decidedly more thematic, but perhaps a bit overstated.  Either way, who knew that plastic cups could be so beautiful?  Overall the staging, by Mr. Merzouki and Benjamin Lebreton and lighting design by Yoann Tivoli perfectly accentuated the talents of the performers and the creativity of the choreography.

This is a great show, and at just 75 minutes makes a perfect introductory or family dance affair.  Agwa/Correria runs at the Fleck Dance Theatre until May 5th.  Check out the trailer below.  And click here for tickets.

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