Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Preview: A Brimful of Asha

Returning to The Extra Space at Tarragon is a season highlight from last year, A Brimful of Asha. We haven't seen the piece yet but we have heard through the community that performances are strong and the humour plentiful. Check below for details or click here for tickets:

Show Description/Press Release:

This acclaimed (and very Canadian) laugh-out-loud true story returns after a sold-out extended run this past season. Real-life mother and son, Asha and Ravi Jain, tell the tale of how Ravi’s parents planned a surprise trip to India to intercept him on his vacation and arrange his marriage. Ravi resents the intrusion but, as far as his parents are concerned, it’s time for him to get a wife.

The title A Brimful of Asha comes from a song written by British alternative rock band Cornershop (www.cornershop.com) in 1997 and is based upon the history of film culture in India. Asha is my mother's name. In Hindi it means Hope. This play is about the challenges that arise out of the hope for happiness that you want for your parents (or for your kids).

A Why Not Theatre Production
Written and performed by Ravi Jain and Asha Jain
Directed by Ravi Jain
Set Design by Julie Fox
Lighting and Video Design by Beth Kates (Playground Studios)
Production Manager Joey Morin
Interview Videos by Kate Fraser and Nabil Shash (Heartist Productions)

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