Monday, January 28, 2013

Preview: RARE by Judith Thompson

Premiering tonight at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts is the smash hit from last year's Fringe Festival, RARE. The piece was created and directed by the very talented Judith Thompson. We are so thankful for the Young Centre and its commitment to bringing fresh, new and engaging pieces of theatre to the stage. Look for our favourite from last year, pomme is french for apple on stage here at the end of February...

Show Description:

RARE is a raw and boldly emotional piece of theatre in which nine performers with Down syndrome reveal themselves for the world to see. Created and directed by playwright Judith Thompson, with the cast writing most of their own material, the RARE artists lift the mask of Down syndrome to show us their humour, their grace, their rage and their dreams. It was a hit, and a Patrons' Pick, at last year's Toronto Fringe Festival. Mature content.

RARE Theatre Company in association with Young Centre for the Performing Arts
Tickets: $15 - 30: Please CLICK HERE.
Created and directed by Judith Thompson
Written and performed by Sarah Carney, Dylan Harman, James Hazlett, Nick Herd, Suzanne Love, Mike Liu, Nada Mayla, Krystal Nausbaum, and Andreas Prinz with musician Victoria Carr
Produced by RARE Theatre Company

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