Monday, February 11, 2013

Preview: 4.48 Psychosis

Necessary Angel Theatre Company presents 4.48 Psychosis at Berkeley Street Downstairs Theatre

4.48 Psychosis weaves the imaginative with the unimaginable, presenting audiences with a glimpse behind the veil of severe clinical depression. British playwright Sarah Kane’s work (Blasted, Crave) has garnered acclaim for its stark, sometimes disturbing authenticity in its representation of isolation, dependency, relationships, and love. With 4.48 Psychosis, Kane creates a cragged landscape where the reality of depression is laid bare.

It couldn’t possibly be misconstrued as a cry for help…

 "Despite the fact that Sarah Kane wrote this before killing herself, I don't see the play as a suicide note, quite the opposite, I see it as a life note,” says director Vikki Anderson. “So much of the play is about love and life and how to survive when you can't hold onto either because you are so lost in your own despair. But there is always a reaching out, a striving to live."

Directed by Vikki Anderson, 4.48 Psychosis features Laura Condlin (Elektra, Stratford), Raven Dauda (Intimate Apparel, Obsidian Theatre Company/The Canadian Stage Company) and Bruce Godfree (War Horse, Royal National Theatre of Britain/Mirvish Productions) and with the creative team completed by award-winning designers Bonnie Beecher, John Gzowski and Yannik Larivee.

As 4.48 Psychosis is free-form in both treatment and casting, Necessary Angel has taken this opportunity to surround the piece with a number of ancillary events, including

The inaugural incite! Salon, featuring acclaimed conceptual/installation artist, Iris Haussler and DT Max (author, Every Love Story is a Ghost Story)
commissioned works (visual, film, literary and performance) presented in the Canadian Stage lobby
a special tribute to Sarah Kane on February 20th (including a screening of her short film Skin as well as discussion with Vikki Anderson, Brendan Healy and Jennifer Tarver) marking the 14th anniversary Sarah Kane’s death

We need to continue provoking discourse amongst those who engage with the company: artists and audience alike.  The themes, feelings, emotions Sarah Kane expresses in 4.48 are present everywhere, everyday.  Each day is a struggle,” says Matt White, General Manager. “We cannot shy away or pretend that these feelings of despair do not exist.  What we are hoping to offer is dialogue about how to survive this struggle - to shine a light in this darkness.  To live another day.”  

4.48 Psychosis
Berkeley Street Theatre (Downstairs)
26 Berkeley Street, Toronto
February 11 – 23, 2013 @ 8PM PWYC - $38
416. 368.3110 or online here

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