Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: East Danforth Community Association

Danforth East Commmunity Association (DECA) is interested in filling the empty stores along Danforth Avenue between Monarch Park and Main with short-term enterprises.  If you are an artist or social enterprise who would be interested in a pop-up venture then check this out.

DEADLINE:  September 23, 2012

They are  looking for artists and social enterprise projects that:
* Can fill (and vacate) an empty space quickly and easily
* Will add value to the street and the community

If you have an idea for a creative enterprise that could be placed temporarily in an empty store, this is an opportunity for you.  In 200 words or less, write to the DECA about your enterprise or artist venture.

Statements of intent are being accepted NOW for placements in October.  What would YOU do with one free month on the Danforth?

Send your proposals and/or questions to:

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