Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New York Diary

I've been in NY for the past three weeks on non-theatre related business.  But that has not stopped me from checking out what is happening on the scene.  So Saturday night I went to see famed cabaret singer Cait Doyle in her new show Cait Doyle's Hot Mess in Manhattan. The show is in development and just wrapped up a run at the American Theater of Actors on 54th street.  It is not clear what the next step will be.  Some say franchise others have suggested a tour.  But what is clear is that this talented cast and creative
team made a show that was so worth watching that I saw it twice in one day!  The multi-composer show is the result of two plus years of cabaret and development and while there is more development to come the work has paid off.  At the after party, at Jake's Saloon on 10th ave, I told Cait I was looking forward to playing her in the future.  She said, "believe me nobody is looking forward to that as much as me."

I'd thought to spend Monday night at the D-Lounge with some friends.  But after a raucous weekend in the "city" it was time to get back to work. Thankfully New York Theatre Barn is there every Monday working on their newest project Rocket Science.
And we are looking forward to seeing Hard Times at The Cell when we get back to NYC late next week.  Being here and seeing so much development work is really inspiring, and it's making my non-theatre contract that much more bearable.
PS.  Didn't know about these, so thanks for the heads up guys.  

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